Sunday, August 10, 2008

Iced Orange

I am on a roll with making soap and finished all my mad dash soaping almost two weeks ago in preparation for my first show. I also contributed to a giveaway over at with two soaps and a soap dish. Head over there and you may win something too because Amy who runs the site does giveaways every week. For the next two weeks she is doing a Mega Giveaway where 30 Indie Shops are offering their wonderful creations as a prize. 30 prizes means there will be 30 winners. I think I may try my hand at winning something to.

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Mindy Walz said...

Hey thanks for the article. I used it and I sent it to a friend of mine. You should look at posting it on You can put your articles there, do searches, and it links it to other similar articles. You can link it to your page and it has graphs to show you how many people are reading your stuff and if they are finding it useful.