Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mica Swirls

I splurged a bit lately on supplies over at Oregon Trails with a sampler pack of new fragrance oils. For close to a year I have been dying literally to get my hands on some micas at this place but could never justify just buying that one product alone. I got my order of scents and mica a week ago. This scent reminds me of a fresh pine in a forest. It's clean, green and fresh smelling. I think it's more of a masculine note but could see how it could be deemed unisex. It's more of a muted white silvery swirl. However if the the light hits the soap at the right places you can see the sparkle. I may dust the bars a bit with some mica on the top. Now I am already plotting what other micas I want to try with them. Cellini Blue which infamously morphs to purple is next on my list.


BlossomingTree said...

It's very pretty. The green really stands out and the mica accents it well.

The Crazy, Crafty Chick said...

Love it! I use micas in my MP soap but I haven't tried it in CP soap yet.