Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mica Swirls

I splurged a bit lately on supplies over at Oregon Trails with a sampler pack of new fragrance oils. For close to a year I have been dying literally to get my hands on some micas at this place but could never justify just buying that one product alone. I got my order of scents and mica a week ago. This scent reminds me of a fresh pine in a forest. It's clean, green and fresh smelling. I think it's more of a masculine note but could see how it could be deemed unisex. It's more of a muted white silvery swirl. However if the the light hits the soap at the right places you can see the sparkle. I may dust the bars a bit with some mica on the top. Now I am already plotting what other micas I want to try with them. Cellini Blue which infamously morphs to purple is next on my list.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Iced Orange

I am on a roll with making soap and finished all my mad dash soaping almost two weeks ago in preparation for my first show. I also contributed to a giveaway over at with two soaps and a soap dish. Head over there and you may win something too because Amy who runs the site does giveaways every week. For the next two weeks she is doing a Mega Giveaway where 30 Indie Shops are offering their wonderful creations as a prize. 30 prizes means there will be 30 winners. I think I may try my hand at winning something to.