Thursday, May 8, 2008

Lotion Bars or Massage Bars?

The concept of what a lotion bar was a mystery to me in the beginning. I learned about them a year ago on the dish but decided I just didn't have time in my already hectic schedule to start another project with bath and body. Well now I have plenty of time in my life for the next two months to play to my hearts content since I am off from school for the summer.

Lotion bars are a convenient way to provide a bit of moisture and conditioning to any areas of dry skin and it's usually packaged in a convenient push tube. It really reminds of a deodorant bar in terms of appearance. I didn't have any of those tubes so I just poured my mixture into some milky way molds and popped them out. Generally these bars are comprised of beeswax, a hard/brittle oil like cocoa butter or kokum butter. They also may contain shea butter and a liquid oil like sweet almond oil or avocado oil. Really you can come up with any combination of oils. They melt quite easily upon skin contact. I made this little batch strictly for my own use and have used them as a massage bar after showering. I scented these with Yuzu fragrance oil for a summer type of fragrance.


EtsyBlabbler said...

Nice soaps, and I loved the wrapping you used on them in the other post!

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patti flynn said...

hola.....just enjoying your blog!
and what a great smile you have!
keep up the beautiful work.

Tenisha said...

Thanks Ladies. I appreciate the nice comments.